Chainsaw Art

Almost all of the chainsaw carvings are made from local fresh pine wood. Each carving is a unique piece of art and made with passion by woodworker and artist Jimmy Keller. If you have a custom request or idea, we would be happy to work with you to create it! There is usually a constant carving inventory as well if you would like to choose from the current pieces. Another option is to carve a tree stump that you have. For this, the stump should have no rot and still in a healthy shape. If the tree was taken down or has fallen within the past year or two then it should most likely be usable. The price for most carvings depends on the size of the piece and the time it takes to create the artwork. If you give us a price range that meets your wallet, we will work together and plan something that works for you! 

Event Shows

A chainsaw carving show is a great way to set any event apart from the rest. Whether it's a festival, open house, or even a wedding, it's entertaining to watch a log get turned into something amazing right before your eyes. There are a few options for these shows which include: Do you want a carving show? Do you want there to be items for sale for customers? Would you like the carving to keep at the end of the event? Depending on what exactly you are looking for, a plan can be made specifically for you! 

Carving Care

Chainsaw Carvings need special care if you want them to have a long life. They can still look great after many years depending on where they are displayed, how they are preserved, and the science behind how wood works!

  • The artwork is best out of direct sunlight and rainfall. Under a porch, a shaded area, or even indoors away from a heat source are perfect places.  If it is outdoors, please make sure your carving isn't directly on the ground so the entire piece including the bottom can still breathe. Placing it on stones, for example, will keep it off the wet ground. During the winter season bring your carving in from outside.

  • Your carving needs to be preserved especially if it is outdoors. We recommend a brush-on preserve such as Minwax Sparurathane. This should be used whenever the piece is looking a little worn or in the spring to protect it for the year.  We would be happy to do this for you as well and bring your carving to life again! The first carving care is free! Give Jimmy Keller a call or text!

  • Wood is a natural material. Some pieces will get natural cracks in them which are the wood's way of releasing moisture. If large major cracks occur, they could be repaired but most are small and only add natural character. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

More Woodworking

We can work together to customize the perfect piece for you! We can make your ideas come to life whether it's a sign, a bench, or any other ideas you have.

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