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Jimmy Keller


Bronco, 2022
Oil Paint and Acrylic on Panel
24 x 46 x 6 inches

Bronco 2022
Bronco detail
Bronco detail
Bronco detail

My work stems from the natural world but branches beyond that to connect with the individual. I want the individual to experience the artwork, not just see it. I know art has the ability to transport people to inspirational places they are not able to experience at that moment. I want my art to cultivate the same experiences for others as the inspiration for the art has done for me.

This piece was made as if the human eye was acting as the camera. The piece is meant to capture the openness of land in the American West. I broke down the rules of traditional landscape painting to then create a piece that is more realistic not necessarily in appearance, but in experience. The goal was to create an experience through painting that is not stagnant nor constricted in a box. The root question was not “how can I paint a piece that looks like the American West”, but rather “how can I portray the experience of standing in the open land through painting”.

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