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About: Art + Artist 

Jimmy Keller Design

"Many look at me and see an artist. What I see in the mirror is not an artist, but simply a messenger. A messenger for the beautiful artwork that is already among us. The Earth, wildlife, trees, plants, the landscapes. The sky above and the ground below. That is the true artwork."

My pieces are inspired by nature. I do this through my sculptural work. It is important to incorporate the natural world into our everyday man-made world. I want my artwork to be that added element in your home that brings the outdoors in. I want my artwork to be the element that transforms a city office space into a natural green environment. I want my artwork to be the element that makes your front yard unique and your backyard an outdoor oasis. That is what I strive for with my work.

Art, especially sculptures, can transform spaces and be used to add personality to a room, wall, yard, and more! When purchasing a piece of art, it is important to find something that speaks to you. How does the piece make you feel? Is it a memory? Is it a something that has deeper meaning for you? Does it bring you joy looking at it? It is not truly art if it doesn't speak to you in some way. 

My artistic process begins by brainstorming ideas and sketching designs. This is the most significant step because it allows for many ideas to emerge. I then start planning. This means deciding what materials are needed, getting measurements, estimating cost, time, and solidifying the final design. This brings me to the end of the process of physically making the art. Finally, a one of a kind sculpture comes to life!

A majority of my art is made from natural materials such as wood or stone. I am passionate about conserving the environment so the the wood that I use is from trees that have already fallen, therefore I do not cut down trees for my work. In some pieces I combine these materials with metals or concrete to blend the natural with the man-made. 


I enjoy interacting with the people who make sharing my work possible, just as much as I enjoy designing and creating the artwork. I love engaging in community events! These include public and private exhibitions, art and music festivals, fairs, and other events. My sculpture can truly add to an occasion and set it apart from the rest, whether its a live chainsaw show or sculptures on display. If there is an event that you would like me to be a part of, please contact me and we can make it work!  Each show is coordinated specifically to the atmosphere of the event. My team and I do our best to make it perfect because I know every detail matters. Follow @JimmyKellerDesign on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming shows and events!

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  • Where to display your Art?

  • How to keep your Art In great condition?

After purchasing your sculpture, I can professionally install the piece into place. If it is outdoors, I will do this by incorporating it into your landscape. If it is in an indoor space, I will install your piece with careful consideration to the lighting and interior design.


Your art pieces will continue to look great after many years depending on where they are displayed, how they are preserved, and understanding the science behind how the materials work. Understand that a majority of your sculpture is made from the best natural resource... Trees! That means that it is still a natural material from the earth. There is moisture in all wood. As the moisture gets released over time, the wood most likely will develop cracks. This can rarely be avoided due to the natural wood elements and is totally normal. Many believe it adds character to the artwork.

If the bottom base is wood, its best if the artwork isn't directly on the ground or floor. Wood is natural and still needs to breathe just like you and I. By placing it on blocks, stones, or pavers, this will keep it off the direct ground and allow the entire piece to get air flow.


If it is displayed outdoors, the best place is out of direct sun and rainfall. If it does see frequent sun and rain, extra preservation of the wood may be necessary. If possible, it may be best to bring your sculpture out of the elements during the winter season away from heavy snowfall. Allow your sculpture to acclimate before you bring it inside. Extreme temperature changes may cause the piece to crack unnaturally due to the stress of the rapid change. If your carving is kept indoors, remember to keep it away from a heat source like a heater or fireplace so that it doesn't dry out.

Your wood sculpture is finished with a protective coating. If your carving is outdoors in the elements, it is recommended to recoat it at least once a year. Start by cleaning off dust and dirt. This can be done just with soap and water. Once it is fully clean, brush on the preserve as it is stated in the product instructions. I recommend a high quality clear Spar Varnish which can be purchased at your local hardware store. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. My team and I would be happy to preserve it for you as well and bring your sculpture to life again.

Giving Back

Jimmy Keller Design Award

"The noblest art is that of making others happy"

-P.T. Barnum

Award 2022

Jimmy Keller Design Award 2022

My passion isn't just nature and art, it is also helping others. Since the age of nine, I have been creating fresh Christmas wreaths during the winter season. Those who want a wreath then give a donation which I then handed over to local charities, awareness programs, organizations, and families in need. From the start of this endeavor, I have donated about $15,000. 


There is now a new chapter of giving. For the 2021-2022 school year, I have developed the "Jimmy Keller Design Award" for other eager minded individuals. The Award funds come from a combined effort of the annual Christmas wreath project and my artwork.

The world needs people to change it for the better. The Jimmy Keller Design Award goes to a student with that ambition. Their impact could be through their future occupation/college degree, volunteer work, awareness of a cause or social movement, and/or others. It could also be something they are doing right now that you want to expand upon. The possibilities are endless!

Please contact me if you have questions about the Award. I believe in the power of positivity and kindness. We all have the ability within to make the world a better place!

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