Chainsaw Art

There is a wooden creation for everyone! Jimmy Keller can work to custom design any sculpture.


About Jimmy Keller

"I am an eager business owner and thriving artist. I started at a young age always sitting at the table in Gramma Keller's house drawing her pictures. Ever since then, I exploded with creativity! I had my first chainsaw in my hands at the age of 14 and continued to explore my artistic mindset. With my brand established here in the United States, I have the intent to spread the appreciation of nature and share that with others through design, sculpture, and painting."


Chainsaw Art

Wood sculptures are a great addition to any space and also make unique gifts. All the wood comes from fallen fresh local trees from the WNY area. No piece of art is the same so we would love to work and customize it specially for you, the customer. Cost depends on the size of the piece and time it takes to create. If you give us a price range that fits your budget, we can always work together to make an awesome carving!



Paintings are a great way to add depth to a wall and personality to a space. Every painting is unique with it's own special design. The canvas work is acrylic and come in various sizes. Prints or copies of the piece are also available at a cheaper cost but all originals are for sale. Custom mural paintings are also available for walls. Costs vary depending on size and level of detail.

Carving Care

Chainsaw Carvings need special care if you want them to have a long life. They can still look great after many years depending on where they are displayed, how they are preserved, and the science behind how wood works!

The artwork is best out of direct sunlight and rainfall. Under a porch, a shaded area, or even indoors away from a heat source are perfect places.  If it is outdoors, please make sure your carving isn't directly on the ground so the entire piece including the bottom can still breathe. Placing it on stones, for example, will work. During the winter season bring your carving in from outside.

Your carving needs to be preserved especially if it is outdoors. We recommend a brush-on preserve such as Minwax Sparurathane. This should be used whenever the piece is looking a little worn or in the spring to protect it for the year.  We would be happy to do this for you as well and bring your carving to life again!

Wood is a natural material. Some pieces will get natural cracks in them which are the wood's way of releasing moisture. If large major cracks occur, they could be repaired but most are small and only add natural character.

Metal Painting

Woodworking, Events, and Shows


Everything that we make is crafted with precision and passion. Each creation is unique including all the other woodworking that is made.

Some of the other woodworking are handmade benches. These benches include: wood benches, log benches, vintage tailgate benches, chainsaw carved benches, just to name a few. Other work includes: wooden signs, picnic tables, adirondack chairs, porch swings, tables, just to name a few. 


Shows & Events...

Watching a log get transformed into a sculpture right in front of you is an exciting experience! Carving shows and artwork displays can be booked for your next event and will make it stand out from the rest. Whether it's a festival, wedding, or grand opening, a show plan can be created specifically for your event! Contact us to start planning.



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Chainsaw Art

Eight foot Eagle
Soaring Eagle
Fox and Roses
Oak Tree Bear and Owl
German Shepard
Welcome Sign Bear
The Bigfoot
English Mastiff Puppy
Puppy out of a log
Sitting Tiger
High Climbing Mountain Goat
Fall Pumpkins

Benches, Signs, & More

Hall Tree Bench
Hope Chest
Hand-carved Memorial Bench
Black Bear Bench
Train Bench
Tailgate Bench
Custom Burned Dogs and Hooks
Oak Cutting Board
Rustic Buffalo Bills Sign

Paintings and Drawings

Soaring Bi-Planes

Watercolor, Ink 51"x24" Sold but Prints Available

Country Sky

Acrylic 11"x14" Sold


Oil Pastel 16"x11" For Sale


Watercolor, Ink 16"x16 Sold but Prints Available


Oil Pastel 16"x12" For Sale

Cardinals and Birch Trees

Watercolor, Ink 12"x16" For Sale

Bear & Cabin Burned Leather

Wood Burned 36"x36" Sold

The Tree

Wire, Wood 26"x21" For Sale


Pencil, Watercolor, Ink 20"x16" Sold but Prints Available

Canadian Geese

Pencil 24"x18" For Sale


Frank F.

"Jimmy created a custom made bench for a retirement gift for our General Manager. Jimmy's creativity and eye for detail was impressive. His workmanship is second to none"

Kristen S.

"We have received so many compliments from friends and family. If you are looking to have a carving done, call Jimmy. He did a wonderful job. Thank you again. All the best to you!!"

John & Debbie

"Jimmy Keller was able to create a beautiful chainsaw carving for us as you can see in the pictures below. Wow, what a talented artist!"

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