"Artwork Inspired by Nature, from Nature, for Nature"

My goal is to combine the appreciation of art and nature through my work. I am currently creating artworks in the media of wood, metals, and concrete.


Wood is a great material because it is a natural element with each piece having it's own unique character. I am passionate about preserving the environment. All of the wood logs I use are from tress already fallen and I do not cut them down for my work. My intent of using metals and stone come from my goal of showing contrast and hopefully a cohesiveness between the natural elements and man.


The art pieces I have made can be found everywhere from Canada to Florida. I exhibit mainly in NY and PA, but also throughout the United States. I have been featured in multiple news broadcasts and print media. I have a strong aspiration to keep sharing my art and purpose with the world!



If you are interested in a sculpture to transform a space, the FIRST step is:

Give me a call!


"Jimmy communicated really great with us. Once he started, we had several issues and he was happy to find alternatives, working with us"

Chuck & Theresa / Private Collector / 2022

"We have received so many compliments from friends and family... He did a wonderful job. Thank you again. All the best to you!!"

John & Debbie / Private Collector / 2020

"Jimmy has done two separate products for our family now and both have far exceeded what we could have imagined"

Dr. Darryl W. / Private Collector / 2021

Current & New Projects

Nature is the driving force and inspiration behind my work. My goal is to fuse natural and modern abstract elements. I will be implementing live plants and greenery to the actual piece. By supplying the structure, I am showing that nature is the genuine art in the world. These will have a combination of materials such as cement and natural wood. Each piece is left unfinished though. The artwork will only be completed when nature takes over the sculpture design. If you have any questions or are interested in the final product, please feel free to contact me!

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