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Jimmy Keller

Jimmy Keller is an artist based just outside of Buffalo, NY. He finds inspiration for his artwork from the natural world surrounding the local area and while traveling. Jimmy received a Fine Arts degree and studies Visual Arts and New Media at the State University at Fredonia with a focus in sculpture and painting. The impact of art has always been a prominent part of his life and now uses his creativity professionally to spread the appreciation of art and nature. He has been featured from 2017-2022 in various broadcasting and print media for the artwork he designs and his philanthropy. While exhibiting pieces professionally starting in 2015, his work can now be found in public and private collections from Canada to Florida. When not putting on public exhibitions and working on sculptures and paintings, he is usually enjoying the outdoors finding design inspiration for the next big project. Afterall, our Earth is the largest art piece.

The Process.

Art, especially sculpture, can transform indoor and outdoor spaces taking them to the next level. The artwork I design usually begins in my mind with a concept around human interaction with nature or the beauty of nature. I then create that idea into a physical piece of art


Designing an artwork you will love begins by talking with you, then planning out the process. I would then get to work creating a unique one of a kind artwork for your space. I do have pieces currently made and for purchase, so please contact me and see what I recently finished. 

Ready for a New Sculpture?

Jimmy Keller Design
Jimmy Keller Design


"Jimmy has done two separate products for our family now and both have far exceeded what we could have imagined"

Dr. Darryl W. / Private Collector / 2021

"Jimmy communicated really great with us. Once he started, we had several issues and he was happy to find alternatives, working with us"

Chuck & Theresa / Private Collector / 2022

"We have received so many compliments from friends and family... He did a wonderful job. Thank you again. All the best to you!!"

John & Debbie / Private Collector / 2020

Image by Marjan Blan | @marjanblan

Your Art can be Delivered Anywhere in the U.S.

...From NY to FL

Sculptures by Jimmy Keller can be found anywhere from Buffalo to Tampa and everywhere in between. Your sculpture can be delivered and installed personally by Jimmy Keller no matter where you are located. 

Jimmy Keller Design Award

Giving Back

Jimmy Keller Design Award 2022

My passion isn't just nature and art, it is also helping others. Since the age of nine, I have been creating fresh Christmas wreaths during the winter season. Those who want a wreath, give a donation. In the past, I handed over the profit to local charities, awareness programs, organizations, and families in need. From the start of this endeavor in 2011, I have donated about $25,000. 


There is now a new chapter of giving. For the 2022-2023 school year, I have created the second annual "Jimmy Keller Design Award" for other eager minded individuals. The Award funds come from a combined effort of the annual Christmas wreath project and my artwork.

The world needs people to change it for the better. The Jimmy Keller Design Award goes to a student with that ambition. Their impact could be through their future occupation/college degree, volunteer work, awareness of a cause or social movement, and/or others. It could also be something they are doing right now that you want to expand upon. The possibilities are endless!

Please contact me if you have questions about the Award. I believe in the power of positivity and kindness. We all have the ability within to make the world a better place!

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