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Artist Jimmy Keller

Jimmy Keller Design

"The desire to be in any environment begins with how it makes you feel.

I know any space can be transformed through artwork and design."

Jimmy Keller

Sculpture Artist | Furniture Designer | Art Column Writer

Jimmy Keller is a sculpture artist located just outside of Buffalo, NY. He began professionally chainsaw carving at the age of fifteen but soon expanded into other art forms including metal sculpture and high quality furniture making. 

The passion surrounding his work emerges from the natural world surrounding us and his ambition to reinvent environments. Art and design have the power to influence emotion, which should be embraced within landscape and indoor spaces.


"Jimmy Keller is an incredible artist that creates the most detailed, beautiful works of art! We chose one piece from his collection and had one created. Both were outstanding!"

Kristin S. / Private Collector / 2022

"We have received so many compliments from friends and family... He did a wonderful job. Thank you again"

John & Debbie / Private Collector / 2020

Jimmy Keller Design



Quality of Work, Originality of Design.

The most important feature with anything made by Jimmy Keller is time. Countless hours are put into developing the design, then executing the plan into creating that one of a kind piece. Whether that piece is sculpture, custom furniture, or chainsaw art, know that is it made to inspire.


Inspiration only develops further... with time.

Have You Seen The Latest Sculpture?

Artwork and Idea Originality
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